YouTube Introduces AI Tool for Seamless Video-Related Queries: Here's What You Need to Know

YouTube Introduces AI Tool for Seamless Video-Related Queries: Here's What You Need to Know
Image Source : YOUTUBE

YouTube, the popular video-watching platform owned by Google, has unveiled an innovative conversational artificial intelligence (AI) tool. This new tool aims to provide users with answers to video-related questions and video recommendations without interrupting the playback experience.

Tool Availability:

As of now, the AI tool is available to a limited number of users on select videos. In the coming weeks, it will be made accessible to a broader audience. Initially, this feature will be available to YouTube Premium members in the United States using Android devices.

According to an official blog post by YouTube, "If you’re a part of the experiment, you can access the tool by tapping 'Ask' beneath select videos and begin by asking questions about the video or choosing a suggested prompt.”

Comment Conversation Summaries:

In addition to the conversational AI tool, YouTube is also experimenting with another AI feature aimed at summarizing comment conversations within YouTube videos. This feature is designed to organize lengthy comment sections of long-form videos into easily understandable themes.

YouTube stated, "To help you easily understand and participate in comment conversations, we’re experimenting with AI that organizes large comment sections of long-form videos into easily digestible themes.”

Using the New Feature:

Users who are part of this experimental tool will notice a new option categorized by topics when they access the comment section on their Android devices while viewing certain videos.

Utilizing Comment Summaries:

Content creators will benefit from comment summaries as they can quickly engage in comment discussions on their videos. Moreover, these summaries can serve as a source of inspiration for generating new content based on audience discussions and preferences.

Managing Unwanted Comment Topics:

Creators have the option to delete individual comments that appear under specific topics. This control enables them to curate and maintain the quality of discussions on their videos.

This experimental feature is currently being tested on a limited number of videos available in English with extensive comment sections. It represents YouTube's commitment to enhancing the user experience and fostering meaningful interactions on its platform.