Madhuri Dixit's "Quick Festive Glam" Is the Perfect Choice This Season

Madhuri Dixit's "Quick Festive Glam" Is the Perfect Choice This Season

We find ourselves in the most wonderful time of the year—the festive season, a time when we embrace our ethnic attire. Traditionally, we often rely on bright, shimmery eyes and bold red lips to add a touch of glamour. While these looks are undoubtedly stunning, they can be time-consuming and somewhat repetitive when worn for every occasion. So, what's the solution? Recently, the beloved "Bollywood's Dhak Dhak girl," Madhuri Dixit, shared a video tutorial demonstrating a simple yet effective festive makeup routine.

In her video, Madhuri emphasizes the importance of skincare and achieving a flawless base before moving on to eye makeup. To ensure her eye shadow stays put, she starts by applying primer to her eyelids. Then, she creates a base using neutral colors, blending them with an ivory shade and a touch of orange eye shadow. She suggests tapping the brush and applying the color in an upward motion to achieve a lifted appearance.

Next, for a nighttime event, she adds a touch of shimmer. Using a flat brush, Madhuri expertly applies a shimmering bronze color to the center of her eyelid, opting for a pressing motion rather than brushing. This simple technique imparts an effortless smokey eye effect. To complete the look, she lines her eyes with a thin kohl liner and smudges it using a sponge, making sure not to neglect the under-eye area. Madhuri applies a slightly darker shade under her eyes, seamlessly blending it with the upper eyelid. Of course, no eye makeup is complete without mascara.

After contouring and adding a flush of color to her cheeks, Madhuri focuses on her lips. When choosing a lip color, it's essential to consider your outfit. Madhuri opts for a wine-colored lip shade, which pairs beautifully with her orange chikankari kurta adorned with subtle sequin work.

For Manish Malhotra's Diwali Party, Madhuri Dixit opts for a matte base, rose-pink lips, and neutral eyeshadow. Instead of the traditional smokey eyes, she chooses to wear eyeliner without wings, which gracefully complements her wispy false lashes. Her perfectly arched brows frame her face beautifully. A touch of highlighter gives her skin a radiant, glass-like appearance. She completes this look with an all-black sequin saree, showcasing her timeless elegance.