Katrina Kaif Falls Victim to Deepfake in 'Tiger 3' Image Manipulation

Katrina Kaif Falls Victim to Deepfake in 'Tiger 3' Image Manipulation
Image Source : INSTAGRAM

Katrina Kaif has fallen victim to the troubling phenomenon known as 'Deepfake,' following a similar incident involving Rashmika Mandanna. An altered image from her upcoming film 'Tiger 3' has been making the rounds on social media. In the original scene, Katrina is seen in a fierce fight within a steamy hammam, wrapped in a towel. However, the manipulated version shows her in a revealing white top. Also read: Zara Patel, the Woman Featured in Rashmika Mandanna Deepfake Video, Shares her Reaction

Katrina Kaif had previously discussed the challenges of filming this intense fight scene and commended the creative vision behind it. She emphasized the intricate choreography of the hand-to-hand combat in a steamy environment and eagerly anticipated the audience's reaction to this unique action sequence featuring two women.

'Tiger 3' is part of a film series that commenced with 'Tiger Zinda Hai' in 2017, followed by 'War' in 2019 and 'Pathaan' in 2023. The movie is set for release on November 12, available in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, and is directed by Maneesh Sharma, with Emraan Hashmi playing the antagonist.

Prior to the incident involving Katrina Kaif, there was a similar occurrence related to Rashmika Mandanna. A Deepfake video manipulated her appearance, substituting her face with that of another person, initially featuring British-Indian influencer Zara Patel entering an elevator. This raised concerns about the use of Deepfake technology in India.

In simple terms, Deepfake technology is a form of artificial intelligence capable of creating highly convincing yet deceptive digital content by altering a person's appearance and voice in videos or audio recordings. It employs advanced algorithms and machine learning to craft counterfeit content that closely resembles reality, making it challenging to distinguish between authentic and manipulated material.